Camaver services are born from twenty years of experience gained internationally.

  They are mainly aimed at artists who rely on us for the organization, planning and management of artistic events and exhibitions, but we are also able to offer concrete support in the

 profession of artist.

The services are not only aimed at artists but also at institutions or simple art lovers.

Art Counseling by Marcello Cazzaniga

Being artists today does not only mean having developed good technical skills (which  represent an interesting starting point but are  not a guarantee of success); having a precise poetics, concepts to communicate, is an added value that gives depth to the artist's work. However, without a deeper knowledge of marketing and the "art system" it is extremely difficult to pursue a professional career as an artist.

The profession of artist in the new millennium involves spending a considerable portion of time studying marketing and communication strategies and how to effectively use them.

Thanks to the twenty-year experience of Camaver Kunsthaus, it was possible to conceive a counseling service capable of helping artists concretely in their path in the  world of art. A personalized, innovative service updated  with the social changes taking place.

Different support plans have been studied for the artists.It is also possible to build a tailor-made plan with timing and content designed on personal needs.





Art exhibitions

The main activity of Camaver Kunsthaus is the organization of exhibitions tailored to the needs of the clients.

- Personal and collective exhibitions.

- Identification of prestigious locations in Italy and abroad.

- Choice of the most suitable period for the event.

- Enhancement of the artist through criticisms and presentations.

- Event structured as an all-round cultural path.

- Management of the event in all its fundamental aspects (preparation, curatorship, communication).

- Contact with customers and collectors.

- Sales brokerage with certification issue.

Visit the image gallery to discover the different locations around the world where Camaver Kunsthaus operated.

Visit the image gallery to discover the different locations around the world where Camaver Kunsthaus operated.

Art Criticism

Texts created personally by Marcello Cazzaniga to tell, enhance and make accessible the works of art, poetics and the work of the artist.

Texts for catalogs, brochures, websites, exhibition presentations, press reviews, etc.



Social Media Managing

- Graphic designs for catalogs, books, brochures, postcards, posters, business cards etc.

- Creation and management of the website and creation of original content for the web (photos, videos, texts).

- Management of social media and portals dedicated to art.

Theoretical  art seminars 

- Interactive courses

- Aimed at everyone

- Learn to interpret works of art

- Approaching in a critical way to new forms of art

- Understanding art and its evolution

Other Services

- Packaging and shipping of works of art

- Certification and Estimate of works of art

- Rent of works of art

- Consultancy and furniture planning

- Logo Design

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